ShoreTel and HP: A Partnership Turning Virtualization into a Reality at Interop 2014

    photo 3ShoreTel was pleased to be invited to join HP in their booth at Interop this year, reinforcing a relationship that just keeps getting stronger. What a great way to focus on the only thing that matters - the customer experience.  Whether it's ShoreTel's on-premises solutions virtualized on HP's server technology, or ShoreTel's cloud-based  ShoreTel Sky service running on HP's carrier grade networking infrastructure, or a combination of both, the net result is a win-win for all.

    Let me tell you why this is not the typical relationship found with companies that merely share involvement in press releases and talk about what could be. The HP relationship with ShoreTel goes back so many years. It started many years ago when HP was chosen to be one of the most attractive partners for providing a best-of-breed networking solution with ShoreTel IPT and UC applications, primarily as an alternative to Cisco.

    The success of that relationship lead to HP productizing our ShoreTel Mobility solutions, and even enabled me to represent HP in their booth at the annual Discover conference.  Kudos to HP's Kitty Chow who was so great to work with at Enterprise Connect for connecting our booths together seamlessly, which had never been done before.

    After ShoreTel acquired M5 Networks, we began to evaluate ways to scale the data center infrastructure from hundreds of thousands to millions of subscribers. HP was chosen for their technology leadership for networking, servers and security infrastructure.  Every ShoreTel Sky customer will benefit from their innovation.

    Interop 2014Finally, when we determined the time was now for making our IP telephony software fully virtualized, we selected 14.2 to be supported using HP's blade center technology. We could have done it earlier in a dot release, but the timing was just right because of our partnership that put all the pieces together. The channel partners are ready to be successful. The customers are ready. We continue to evolve the solutions with this strategy in mind.

    photo 1As part of Interop this year it was great to hold a private dinner with HP and numerous joint prospective customers, some of which are so prominent and well known I cannot mention their names!  We'll have some amazing customer success stories coming that I think our friends at Cisco will be quite surprised they didn’t win.  After all, the CIOs of these companies have been around the block. They know when they hear from 50 of our customers that they only wish they would have moved from Cisco to ShoreTel earlier that the time is now for them to do it themselves.

    So as we close out Interop 2014, we end with new opportunities to work with HP, and continue to make our solutions available. Whether our customers choose on-premises solutions, cloud solutions or a combo of both, they have the comfort of knowing there are two great organizations working together to ensure their success.

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