ShoreTel and Industry Analysts – Understanding the Relationship

    I am extremely pleased to see ShoreTel has earned Gartner’s Strong Positive Rating for the 2013 MarketScope for UC for SMB in North America.  As the senior director of product marketing responsible for our analyst relations, I really enjoy the approach Gartner takes to formulate their views in their reports. This requires evaluation of a comprehensive questionnaire, holding briefings with our product teams and executive staff. But more importantly, Gartner analysts take the time to discuss over the phone the experiences that both customers and resellers have with our solutions.

    Products are just products, and anyone can claim anything. But having Gartner analysts hear from production customers about their experience, and hearing from the resellers that make this their livelihood and necessity to ensure high customer satisfaction really speaks to the true measure of how solutions are used in the market.  I’m flattered that ShoreTel is the only firm to have earned their Strong Positive Rating in the North America MarketScope for UC for SMB for four consecutive years.

    Read the recent press release for more details.

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