ShoreTel and Partner Customer Experience is World Class!

    Our NPS Survey Program has reached its first anniversary (July, 2012). The customer responses are showing that our program is strong and reliable. The New Partner Year (October 2011-September 2012) ended with the Partner’s and ShoreTel’s NPS at 62. Considering a World Class NPS is 50, this is an achievement of which you should all be proud. This signifies our customers are loyal enthusiasts, helping drive our brand in the marketplace and aid our growth through referrals to friends and colleagues. Our NPS goal is set in the 50-60 range and we are exceeding our expectations.

    We have sent survey invitations to 100% of our customers, both new and the install base, receiving a strong 20% response rate. We want to thank our Partners for their continued support in analyzing customer feedback and creating/prioritizing corrective action plans. Your efforts to better understand the correlations and key drivers to customer satisfaction are greatly appreciated and are a key differentiator in our joint success.

    Each and every person who has contact with the customer – be it ShoreTel or our Partners, all play a critical role in delighting our customers and delivering on our commitment to provide a World Class Experience. Thank you for your teamwork and continued focus.

    ShoreTel is pleased to recognize the following 94 Partners who have met or exceeded our World Class Customer Experience threshold (listed alphabetically). Plaques will be awarded to each of these partners.


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