ShoreTel Answers the Question of Success

    When San Francisco Chronicle reporter David R Baker sat down and interviewed ShoreTel CEO John Combs recently, there were a lot of pressing questions he could have asked. He could have asked about the ongoing evolution of ShoreTel’s unified communications technology as it pushes the envelop in business process integration to transform the way people work.

    He could have asked about ShoreTel’s unique switched-based architecture and its industry-leading reliability and ease of use. He could have asked about ShoreTel’s low total cost of ownership and what that means to companies looking to replace or augment their phone systems.

    He might even have asked how John’s passion for running helps him maintain focus and keep in shape for managing an innovative, and agile young business in an industry dominated by monolithic giants.

    But in the current economic climate, the main question on everyone’s mind is how. How in a down economy does a company make the San Francisco Chronicle’s “Chron 200” list, right on the heels of garnering a spot on San Jose Mercury News’ “Silicon Valley 150” list? How does a company not only convince potential customers to buy, but turn satisfied customers into raving fans? And how does a company successfully position itself for growth once the economic storm passes?

    From where I sit, the answer is clear. Leadership. ShoreTel’s success is a testament to John’s leadership and his focus on driving the company to create great products and maintain our intense focus on customer satisfaction.

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