ShoreTel bears fruit for Ready Pac

    There’s an interesting concept in economics, known as opportunity cost. In simple terms, it’s defined as the value of the path not taken when deciding between mutually exclusive choices.

    For instance, the opportunity cost of eating fast food for lunch could be the health benefits of eating salad instead. For Ready Pac Produce, the opportunity cost of hobbling along on an aging PBX system was high call charges and support fees, and the risk of delays in the supply chain due to communication outages.

    When Ready Pac management made the decision to switch to a modern IP-based communications system, they looked carefully at several major vendors before choosing ShoreTel. They recognized that switching to a ShoreTel UC system was an important opportunity for cost savings, high availability and improved communications from the field to the dinner table.

    As a result, the company is saving almost $18,000 a month in call and support costs. And equally importantly, they are helping to make sure that everyone has a choice between fast food and a healthy salad.

    Read more about how ShoreTel is helping Ready Pac realize fresh savings, or contact us to learn how ShoreTel can help you take a leaf out of their book.


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