ShoreTel Call Recorder: Introduction

    The ShoreTel Call Recorder application is a server-based application developed by ShoreTel Professional Services.

    Call Recorder runs as a Windows service 24/7 on one or more of the customer’s ShoreTel servers. It monitors the customer’s phones for external calls and when calls connect – based on the call’s details combined with the application’s configuration – the call may be automatically recorded. A resulting recording can be automatically deposited in files stored on both local and network drives or delivered to ShoreTel voicemail boxes.

    In addition to the service, there is a separate admin client used to administer the server. This admin client can be installed on server itself or on any PC including the administrator’s PC(s). If needed, the admin can access the setting of multiple record servers.

    There is also a separate end-user client that can be used to allow users to control whether a call recording should be retained when the call ends. If allowed, this client runs from the user’s Windows tray with an icon showing if the recording will be automatically saved when the call ends and the user can toggle the status.

    Finally, ShoreTel Professional Services is currently beta testing a Web-based player application.  This is a fairly simple application that allows review of recordings made by the ShoreTel call recorder stored in the file system. (Currently, users are free to access recordings directly from the file storage locations subject to standard Windows security configurations.)

    In our next installment, we’ll start by taking a closer look at the Call Recorder Admin.