ShoreTel Call Recorder: Server Settings

    Most of these settings are self-explanatory. The key settings near the top are critical for the server to be able to record ANY calls.

    These are the Server Settings:

    • Licenses
      Controls how many of the available Call Recorder session licenses this server will request. If a customer only installs the record server on one PC then this would be the same as the total number of license purchased. However, if multiple record servers are being deployed then the total of each record server licenses should not exceed the total purchased licenses available.

    • Route Point
      When the Record Server is recording calls, the audio needs to be captured using a special type of extension called a route point. The route point is created and configured in Director.

    • Surrogate Extension
      The Record Server needs to have a ShoreTel user submit record requests to the ShoreTel phone system. This extension can be assigned to a soft switch. The extension must be part of a group with the privilege to be able to record calls on all stations.