ShoreTel CEO Speaks on Leadership in the Age of Transparency

    Last Friday, our CEO, Peter Blackmore (intro at 03:10), participated in a panel discussion about “Leadership in the Age of Transparency.” The Churchill Club was interested in hearing the various takes on how company leadership in the Silicon Valley is changing – examining trust and credibility (23:20) in an ever online world.

    The speed of communication is changing how businesses operate. CEOs need to be accessible to all levels of their organization; employees now have unlimited means of communications at their disposal. “You can’t hide anything. You have to be out in front of it.”

    Blackmore has a policy of sharing, and sharing often. His goal is to engage employees because, “Trust and integrity are one thing, but passion - passion is what it’s all about. If you get people passionate about what you believe in, they will follow you” (50:25).


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