ShoreTel Channel Partners Deliver Unified Communications Solution With World-Class Customer Satisfaction

    “Around the world, ShoreTel resellers work hard to ensure our customers are equipped to unleash the potential of their workforce. Customers now rely more than ever on the expertise of resellers and solutions providers to deliver the most innovative and reliable enterprise communication solutions that give workers more freedom and control in how they communicate and collaborate. This user-driven approach leads to a more powerful exchange of ideas, improved responsiveness, and better decision making.”

    - Joe Vitalone, vice president of channel management at ShoreTel.

    Learn more about becoming a ShoreTel certified reseller or register for the 2012 Champion Partner Conference.

    ShoreTel maintains invaluable relationships with the top resellers in the unified communications industry, who capitalize on ShoreTel’s technology in unique and innovative ways to propel their businesses forward. Through ShoreTel’s 100 percent indirect sales channel, the company’s premise business delivered 17 percent sequential revenue growth from the third fiscal quarter to the fourth in 2012.

    Channel partners use ShoreTel UC solutions to give workers self-reliance and control over how they communicate, collaborate and make decisions – ultimately reducing complexity and increasing productivity of their business communications. ShoreTel will be hosting its 2012 Champion Partner Conference in Orlando, Fla., this November, where channel reseller partners from around the world will gather to share insights and experiences delivering end-to-end solutions that produce a competitive advantage for customers.

    ShoreTel’s Champion Partner Program delivers some of the best product and service margins in the industry. During the past year, ShoreTel and its resellers earned a Net Promoter Score of 62, double digits above 50, which is considered world class. This puts ShoreTel in the company of industry leaders such as Apple, USAA and Costco.

    In the NPS program, we ask a single, simple question: “On a scale of one to ten, how likely would you be to recommend us to a friend or colleague?” Based on the answer, customers are divided into three categories: detractors, passives and promoters. A score of -100 means everyone is a detractor. A score of 100 means everyone is a promoter. An NPS of 50 is generally accepted as “world class.” Additional questions can obtain more details about factors that contribute to a customer’s experience with a particular company or product.

    “Packet Fusion helps meet the demanding needs of enterprises deploying IP telephony across multiple regions and around the world. The ShoreTel Champion Partner Program provides the perfect support for us to deliver world-class UC solutions that absolutely work, that are easy and quick to install, and that succeed in the real world of communication expectations.”

    - Matthew Pingatore, president and CEO, PacketFusion.

    “Today’s businesses are fast-paced, networked cultures that demand a high degree of integration to run smoothly. CNP’s partnership with ShoreTel helps make Unified Communications easy and effective. CNP Technologies takes pride in delivering excellent communications solutions and service because we share ShoreTel’s belief that satisfied customers are more likely to become repeat customers, and to recommend others.”

    - John Garrett, executive director and co-owner, CNP Technologies.


    “ShoreTel has really helped to transform IPC Technologies into a national leader in Unified Communications. ShoreTel has basically become the key component of what we deliver to our customers today and has allowed us to transition our business away from being just a specific networking and data VAR into a true integrated system across all platforms – delivering UC as a turn-key solution.”

    - Ken Banks, president, IPC Technologies, Inc.



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