ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Provides Robust Security

    I am often asked how secure is your hosted telephony offering, ShoreTel Connect CLOUD. Security is often top of mind for many organizations considering moving their applications and sensitive data to the cloud, and the same goes for cloud communications.

    The fact is, ShoreTel Connect CLOUD is one of the most secure cloud communication solutions available in the market today.  When we started crafting ShoreTel Connect CLOUD, security was paramount on our mind for every module that we created and developed.

    On the client facing side, ShoreTel's desk phones (400 series) use industry standard HTTPS, SIP/SIPS (TLS) and sRTP (DTLS) connections for data, signaling and real time media respectively. The Desktop Connect client uses HTTPS for any data transfer from the hosted servers and softphones use WebRTC (HTTS, DTLS) for signaling and media. The endpoints also use a hosted SSO with a combination of username/password or TN/PIN (for the desk phones) so they can be authenticated for allowed services.

    For the data center, all phone and trunk side traffic travels through firewalls and SBCs. This is the standard industry practice for allowing voice traffic into the hosted server space.

    Where possible the internal protocols for intra-data center communication are also secure, so there is a high level of defense in the cloud. We also use industry standard tools for monitoring all incoming and outgoing traffic for rogue detections, as well as prevention.

    These security measures all help to ensure that ShoreTel Connect CLOUD is a world-class solution that provides the highest level of security for Unified Communications. 

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