ShoreTel Contact Center Agent Dashboard: Restricting access to a report

    By default, all reports published on the CCAD website can be seen by all users. But if required, a report can be configured so only users in specified windows user group(s) can access it.

    To do that, when using CCAD with administrative access, switch to the “shared view,” click the Edit option and specify the allowed set of Windows group(s). For example, to restrict access to a Group Report for a CC group “Support-Group” to be seen only by a domain group CANDY\TAC, first edit the report:

    The report will be marked indicating that it is being edited and an editor zone will be shown in left part of the CCAD Web page.

    Expand the behavior panel to show all options. In the AuthorizationFilter input field specify the Windows group CANDY\TAC and press OK.

    Then, only a CCAD user who is member of the CANDY\TAC group will see that report on the CCAD Web page; other CCAD users will not see that report. Multiple Windows groups can be separated by commas (,) in the authorization filter.

    CCAD Administrators can easily show/hide particular reports on the same CCAD Web page for users depending on their Windows group memberships and the configured report authorization filters.

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