ShoreTel Contact Center and After Call Surveys

    It has been asked “Can you do a post call survey in ECC?”

    The answer is “yup” and here’s how:

    This script is built with the ever-flexible IVR Applications Markers in ECC scripting. The idea is to create Application Markers that are named as your survey questions, that’s the whole trick.

    We line them up in the right order with your questions in a wav file then request a “press 1 for yes, 2 for no” or “on a scale of 1 to 5” keypad based response depending upon the question. Regardless of the “answer path” taken, all roads lead to the next question.

    You can string these together in one script, make multiple scripts with one question per script and rearrange to your heart’s content. You could build a nice easy Transfer button for the Agent in Communicator as well. Here’s the script with 2 questions; one is a yes/no the other is a 1 through 5 type of question:

    Since we’re using the IVR Application Markers this means Real Time and Historical reporting is as easy as any other reports in ECC.

    I set up my Real Time IVR Apps Report and added these new “apps” to the report. I can also open a second separate IVR apps window for just the Survey if so desired. This shows that in my current interval “Yes” outruns “No” 10-3 and we have a collection of “Q Scores” but no “1’s (bad score) in my current 15 minute interval:

    In my Historical Report I see a bit more depth and a wider range of data since that’s what I asked for. We have all the reporting delivery options available to us. I could break these out to different reports if needed – export to SQL, HTM (web), XLS, PDF and deliver this data to the appropriate people or applications in their required format:

    Seventeen out of 20 “respondents” answered “Yes” to good service for question # 1 and 17 out of the same 20 rated their experience on a 5 scale as “Medium” or better (3,4, or 5).

    Not too shabby but we can always do better.

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