ShoreTel Contact Center Drills Down on Call Details

    Hey, who hung up?

    The Contact Center Interactive Viewer (CCIV) knows. When you click on an ECC event in CCIV you will see three options for “Disconnect.” They include everyone’s favorite “Normal” as well as “Transfer” and “Hang Up.” This last option indicates that the caller hung the phone up prior to the agent.


    Now this may not be a bad thing all the time; you may have some “very quick to say good-bye” callers or it could indicate an “Abandoned” call as well. It’s easy to line up the “Abandons” in CCIV; just include with a checkmark the correct field in “Filters,” then hit “Apply” at the top of the page, as seen the following record:


    Figure 1

    Once you return to the Viewer, sort by (in this case) the “Aban?” column. You’ll need to click twice to bring the “Y” (yes) options to the top. Alphabetical order still rules as “N” (no) will be the first sort choice. Here’s an example of what an abandoned call looks like from CCIV perspective:

    Figure 2

    Click on “Call ID” and the pop up display displays on the right how the call ended.


    Another handy trick to remember is that you can cycle through “Call ID’s” and not necessarily have to close the pop up window; it will just repopulate with the selected calls information. That makes CCIV very fast to look at “Cradle to Grave” info of a large number of calls quickly in detail. Depending upon your browser preference this may vary a bit but I get speedy results with Chrome and Firefox.


    Okay now, back to work.

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