ShoreTel Contact Center Instant Override

    The ShoreTel Contact Center Instant Override message application provides a telephone user interface (TUI) that allows an administrator to remotely and dynamically modify a message that is used by the Contact Center IVR to play an emergency announcement to callers that “overrides” all others.

    ShoreTel Contact Center administrators can communicate an urgent or time critical message to callers without having to access Contact Center system administration or change ongoing call scripts. This is simply and securely done with a phone call to the PIN protected Instant Override Message application.

    Instant Communication

    “For Wednesday, February 4th as of 10 am PST: We are aware of and working to resolve the electrical outages throughout the town of Anytown, USA.”

    Key Features

    • Play the override message
    • Disable the override message
    • Enable a generic pre-recorded override message
    • Record and enable a custom override message

    Redundant Contact Center Ready
    The application is designed to support redundant Contact Center servers. Changes to the Override message will be continuously updated on both servers so that operations can continue seamlessly in the case of a failover.

    The application is configured using an XML file that contains parameters such as the computer names and route points for the Contact Center servers, the wave file name for the generic override message, and a list of PINs used to authenticate access. Changes to the Override Message configuration are logged in the Windows Event Log and include the names of the users who made the changes.

    Please see for a trial license and complete documentation.

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