ShoreTel Contact Center Interaction Viewer (CCIV) 2.0 for Multi-device Multi-channel Contact Centers

    ShoreTel Advanced Applications is pleased to announce that ShoreTel Contact Center Interaction Viewer (CCIV) 2.0 is enhanced to support multi-device, multi-channel ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center 8 (ECC8) customers.

    With CCIV 2.0, ECC8 customers can now gain deeper insight into their business operations with real-time ‘Cradle-to-Grave’ views of inbound and outbound multimedia (voice call, chat & e-mail) interactions, and voice recordings playback. This clear and well-organized web view of interactions is intuitive to use, layered for drilldown, and easy to customize. The added levels of management insight can effectively facilitate any interaction-based management review and business process analysis.

    ECC7 customers can continue to benefit from this management tool on their contact centers as well with the pre-2.0 revision for inbound voice calls only and with no recording playback capability.

    CCIV 2.0 functions require Contact Center Interactive Report (CCIR) Transform Service 2.0 for ECC8 CCIR database.

    Please contact your ShoreTel authorized reseller for more information or for trial versions and a chance to experience this great integrated capability firsthand.

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