ShoreTel Customer Anthony Marano Speaking at International Avaya Users Group

    It’s the International Avaya Users Group Global conference this week in Vegas (May 22-26 2011) and ShoreTel is presenting!  Ok, maybe not, but one of our ShoreTel Mobility power users, Chris Nowak, is presenting how Anthony Marano uses ShoreTel Mobility on their Avaya PBX. His topic is “VOIP & WiFi –A Winning Recipe for Delivering World Class Customer Service”.

    In 2009, Anthony Marano faced a huge problem. As the largest full line food distributor in the Midwest with as many as 1200 to 1500 items at any given time, they have to move their produce or they lose money! Phones aren’t just how they do their business, it is their business!

    The bulk of Anthony Marano Company’s workforce are corridor warriors—they are mobile inside and outside the “four walls” of the office and distribution facility—and their main challenge was a lack of high quality wireless voice coverage.

    The distribution center’s large metal and concrete facility (460,000 square feet) makes continuous cellular communications impossible for the staff which is constantly on the move between inside produce areas and offices, and outside shipping docks and receiving docks. Always on the move, employees walking or driving pallet jacks could not make calls, and if a call was coming in it would be missed and land in voicemail.

    Before they found ShoreTel Mobility (Agito at the time), they tried two other mobility solutions that didn’t work. They installed ShoreTel Mobility and rest is, as they say, history. Chris Nowak, chief technology officer  at Anthony Marano said, “Our users say that ShoreTel Mobility offers us the whole package, and they are pleased with the voice quality, address look up synchronization, and speed of handover moving inside and out.”

    Benefits of ShoreTel Mobility include:

    • Exceptional voice quality, even under challenging working conditions
    • Seamless and rapid handover moving inside and out of the buildings
    • Tight integration with the Avaya PBX
    • Less voicemail, leading to greater productivity and increased revenues


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