ShoreTel Customer Cost Savings

    While the upfront costs of ShoreTel’s brilliantly simple enterprise unified communication solution is already among the lowest in the industry, we know that our easy to use solutions go even further to drive down burdensome operations and maintenance costs, freeing up more budget and resources over the long term.

    Total cost of ownership is a key metric for assessing costs, benefits and risks – enabling organizations to properly evaluate competing solutions before they buy. It aligns their final decision with business needs, while understanding the effects of future requirements and functionalities.

    According to Aberdeen, ShoreTel has the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. Having the best TCO is great but actually hearing examples of what our customers are saving is even greater! Here are some examples of how ShoreTel customers are saving big with ShoreTel solutions:

    AP+M: ShoreTel’s single-image architecture and intuitive collaboration tools afford each AP+M employee an individual extension and easy Find Me, Follow Me forwarding capabilities, eliminating the need for a switchboard and saving $45,000 annually.

    Amarillo Independent School District: The IT staff saves countless hours of driving to schools to make moves, adds and changes. The district saves more than $20,000 a year over its old system.

    City of Sioux Falls: The city, which handles over a million calls a year, saves $30,000 a year in line charge costs with the ShoreTel system in place.

    Compassion Australia: The system provided long-term cost savings, with a
predicted at $100,000 in savings
over three years compared to the
previous system.

    Doctors Hospital at Renaissance: ShoreTel helped the hospital save
$36,000 per year in long-distance
telephone charges and lowered the
total cost of ownership of its phone
system, while doubling capacity.

    Dougherty County School System: Beyond potential cost savings – estimated at upwards of $12,000 a month – the many features of ShoreTel technology would significantly benefit district communication.

    Hidalgo County Texas: The costs to Hidalgo County for the phone system went down from about $900,000 a year in 2002, to about $400,000 a year since deployment in 2006.

    InterSystems Corporation: Conference calling costs of $3,000 to $4,000 per month are eliminated with 24-port ShoreTel Conference Bridge.

    JT Packard: With ShoreTel, the company is looking at savings of $20,000 per year in lease expenses, usage fees, and T1 line charges.

    Kaukauna Area School District: After displacing Cisco, the district experienced huge costs savings of over $211,000 in the first year. These savings include maintenance, toll charges, and management, including moves, adds, and changes.

    MonaVie: $500,000 yearly savings on reduced personnel costs.

    Pacific Business Centers: The company went from needing 20 receptionists to only needing seven. The cost savings on those salaries equal $365,000 annually.

    Point Loma: The University displaced Cisco and estimates $533,000 Savings in five years with ShoreTel.

    Uptime Technologies: The company was paying over $30,000 per year on their old Avaya system, but their new ShoreTel system paid for itself in just over a year.

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