ShoreTel Customer References Share Their Displacement Stories

    I have the best job in the world. No really I do. Hear me out.

    Most customer reference managers are happy if they can get even five percent of their customers to be customer references. At ShoreTel 29% of our customers are customer references, which is remarkable.

    I have been customer referencing for eight years and built four customer reference programs. I have spoken at customer reference conferences, I have done customer referencing consulting and belong to various boards and groups around customer references and have never heard that high of a number.

    Why does ShoreTel have so many customer references? Here are some of my thoughts on why we have such a high number of reference customers and some examples of why companies are displacing our competitors’ products for ShoreTel.

    First, ShoreTel is brilliantly simple. It’s that simple. Customers tell me all the time they love ShoreTel because it’s easy to use, easy to manage and easy to install.  It’s that simple.

    Second, the cost savings can be stellar. I have done quite a few success stories where the customer adds up their cost savings and save hundreds of thousands a year or more. One customer projects a six million dollar savings over five years. For a CIO or IT Manager that means you can reallocate those dollars to other areas. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

    Point Loma Nazarene University
    About six years ago, the IT department embarked upon a VoIP implementation based on Cisco Call Manager (CUCM), which was compatible with the existing Cisco network infrastructure. While 20 percent of the campus used CUCM, the remaining 80 percent were still using Nortel Option 81. After maintaining the Cisco phone environment for six years, the VoIP equipment needed to be upgraded.
    “With limited staffing, and the inability to pay for additional expertise, we needed a solution that would be easy and inexpensive to maintain. ShoreTel really stuck out as the obvious choice for us because it met our needs for separating VoIP from network infrastructure, providing built-in redundancy, simplifying administration, and lowering initial and ongoing cost.”

    – Corey Fling, CIO, Point Loma Nazarene University

    Russell Sigler
    After acquiring more than 30 branch offices, tripling the size of the business, Russell Sigler needed to reexamine how to support communications for the sales force, technicians, vendors, and customers. With 700 employees now spread across 30 locations, the existing Avaya phone system would need to be expanded. But after pricing new phone equipment and services, Russell Sigler realized the system expansion would be cost prohibitive and needed a better VoIP platform.
    “With the current system, it would be too expensive to make all the new sites ‘talk’. Once I heard about ShoreTel, I knew it was the right decision for us. ShoreTel made it simple to do what we wanted with one unified system.”

    - Rich Unterbrink, IT manager for Russell Sigler. 

    Pacific Business Centers
    Pacific Business Centers had PBX systems from Mitel and Nortel across the organization.
    “Two important selection criteria for our new telecomm solution were ease-of-use and scalability. To be blunt, the thickness of their user manual and the complexity and length of their initial training process helped us rule out some of the vendors on our initial list very quickly.”

    – Scott Chambers, COO, Pacific Business Centers

    ShoreTel works for all industries, helping to reduce costs by simplifying collaboration, streamlining communication processes, eliminating the need for third-party conference services, and by freeing precious resources for the real business at hand. Looking for something specific to your industry? We’ve likely got a reference for you.

    Just ask.