ShoreTel Customers Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with UC Freedom

    Cinco de Mayo, the festival recognizing the Mexican army's 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War, is commemorated May 5 across Mexico and the U.S. ShoreTel joins with its partners and customers, many of whom are in Mexico and throughout Latin America, in the celebration.

    As ShoreTel continues to show solid revenue growth, we continue to see great growth in our Latin America sales. ShoreTel customers from Mexico to Brazil are celebrating freedom from complexity and high costs of other solutions.  One of these customers, University of Guadalajara in Mexico made the move to ShoreTel and has been reveling in their independence from their legacy system.  The University of Guadalajara is the second oldest and largest public university in Mexico. The enormous school faced a problem: its legacy Alcatel PBX system was fast being outpaced by growing national and international student enrollment and campus expansion. Furthermore, the system's minimal features simply weren’t up to modern communications expectations, draining staff efficiency and threatening to drain future budgets.

    With the help of ShoreTel reseller and partner Initel, the CUAAD designed a three-stage implementation plan, starting with cutover of the primary main campus building to the new ShoreTel IP Phone System. Other locations will follow and the university is already implementing new extensions, with plans to increase the number of extensions in new buildings. With ShoreTel Director, moves, adds, and changes can be made in minutes, freeing the university’s IT team to focus on its long-range communication strategy instead of daily fire-fighting. Other benefits include:

    • A competitive purchase cost put the system clearly within the public university’s budgetary reach, offering more features for less money.
    • Low licensing and maintenance costs add up to a significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO).
    • A rich feature set enables new efficiencies across the university’s many administrative and educational operations.
    • The university’s IT staff credit a significant increase in productivity to ShoreTel’s ease of use and quick learning curve.

    Happy Cinco de Mayo from ShoreTel!