ShoreTel Customers Share How They Beat Complexity at ShoreTel Partner Conference

    The excitement from the floor at the ShoreTel Champion Partner Conference has been truly electrifying, as ShoreTel’s reseller partners from around the world gather to hear the latest news, network with technology partners and receive free training.

    Not only are our resellers exuberant about our latest announcements, roadmap and business growth, but our customers are eagerly sharing their ShoreTel stories about beating complexity at the analyst sessions, too.

    Customers like Eric Simmons at Conceptus, who told the audience that by deploying ShoreTel with Microsoft OCS, he could optimize resources so the helpdesk now handle moves, adds and changes, and his system admin is free to do other things.

    The brilliantly simple ShoreTel UC solution with instant messaging and conferencing also helped Colleen Jakes from TopLine Federal Credit Union reassign staff to perform core business functions.

    “We had one full-time IT person dedicated to managing the old system and now it is a quarter of a person’s time. Our call center had four agents, but with ShoreTel, we put calls out to the loan officers, tellers, etc, so calls can be answered by 24 people versus four. Those original four people were put into the field.”

    One customer admitted that he was “so far down in the evaluation process with other vendors that I didn’t want the ShoreTel demo to work.” But after seeing the demo, he went back to his boss and said, “We need to start again, because I just found our solution.”

    For Michael Macarthur at Compassion Australia, ShoreTel ticked all the evaluation criteria boxes they had listed. “It worked in testing as advertised. ShoreTel lives up to all the hype,” he said. “I saved $48K by throwing away Cisco, even though there was still time left to depreciate it.”

    Stay tuned for more updates and news as the 2010 ShoreTel Champion Partner Conference comes to a close.