ShoreTel Customers Successfully Leverage Virtualization

    Server virtualization is a fast growing trend and ShoreTel customers are taking full advantage.

    Providers such as VMware believe that there are now more applications deployed on virtual servers than on physical servers. And with good reason. By deploying ShoreTel in a virtualized environment, companies are able to reduce their total cost of ownership by shrinking server requirements, which then saves energy and space.

    In the summer of 2010, ShoreTel introduced support for VMware virtualization as part of the ShoreTel 11 release. In less than a year, almost 500 customers have already installed their ShoreTel solution using this configuration. Almost 20 percent choose this model to deploy their ShoreTel UC system, equating to 1 in 5 new customers over the time period.

    Last fall, we achieved VMware Ready status (indicating that ShoreTel software passed a detailed evaluation and testing process managed by VMware – the concept of this program is similar to our own ShoreTel Innovation Network). Virtualizing the ShoreTel application server is a perfect complement to the modular and highly reliable voice switches that provide the “dial-tone” in the system.

    Easy to implement and understand, ShoreTel virtualization support is…brilliantly simple.

    • The ShoreTel virtual server happily co-exists with all business-critical applications on the host server the customer has already invested in.

    We can achieve this because our system was built from the ground up for the IP age – with no antiquated legacy technologies and no disjointed misplaced Mr. Potato Head add-on parts to work around.

    Is your business using virtualization? Why or why not? Request a demo from your local reseller today and see how you could benefit.

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