ShoreTel Delivers State of the Art UC Cloud Services to Customers

    ShoreTel has set a new standard for delivering UC cloud services to customers from a state-of-the-art data center. ShoreTel has partnered with HP on new servers, networking infrastructure and security solutions throughout the data center. The HP technology integrated with ShoreTel’s communications platform provides the greatest flexibility in terms of scaling to meet demand, faster technology upgrades, and simplified system management. Adding to the data center’s six 9’s reliability, the center is optimally located in Dallas, Texas, an area with the nation’s top-ranked power grid and one of the country’s lowest records for weather-related service disruptions.

    ShoreTel has a unique advantage among UC cloud service providers because it is vertically integrated end-to-end, from the communications platform architecture to the communications devices, to the delivery method and content. Also, because the ShoreTel communications platform is uniquely built on a distributed infrastructure with N+1 redundancy and full geographic redundant capabilities, any time there is a failure for any reason on the network, other ShoreTel virtualized appliances or hardware switches continue to function.

    With the introduction of the 400 series IP phones for ShoreTel Sky®, ShoreTel owns the end-to-end system and can focus on customers’ needs rather than fighting to ensure disparate components from other vendors work together. The result is a seamless and consistent user experience which translates into ShoreTel having one of the highest customer satisfaction scores in the industry.

    In addition to the low incidence of weather-related issues, ShoreTel selected the Dallas location because it is on the border of two counties (Dallas and Denton), each able to sustain operations on its own in case of one going offline, and both ensuring more than adequate redundancies of service. The Dallas data center serves ShoreTel’s Sky customers representing over 3,000 companies in the U.S. and has the capacity to scale to over a million users.

    Powerful HP infrastructure

    ShoreTel partnered with HP to provide the carrier class data center’s core switching, routers, services, security and management. When selecting its technology partner for the data center build-out, ShoreTel wanted to work with a vendor that could offer a broad spectrum of solutions in a compressed timeframe.

    The HP Networking solutions are recognized for their security, service and support. The HP   monitoring, firewalls and support tools helped bring 180 new systems online in our new primary facility. Working with HP Technology Services and Cyrus One ShoreTel was able to source everything in four months.

    Co-location services from CyrusOne

    CyrusOne, the service provider selected by ShoreTel, has an established reputation for best practices in data center operations having supported Walmart’s data center as well as the industrial demands of petroleum companies in the region. Thanks to Texas’ superior power grid, CyrusOne is able to provide exceptional service with low operational costs around power and cooling.

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