ShoreTel Dock Launch Resonates with iCan Message

    Since the launch of ShoreTel Dock May 6 at Interop, tens of thousands of people have read scores of stories about the industry’s first business-grade docking station that transforms iPhones and iPads into desk phones with ShoreTel Mobility.

    ShoreTel’s message of iCan resonated - iCan do more when I’m left to my own devices, iCan interact with happy employees, iCan share brilliant presentations, iCan undesk my desk job.

    ShoreTel Dock started a buzz, from the digital signs at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, to ShoreTel’s booth at Interop, which hummed with activity as hundreds of conference goers stopped by to check out the action.

    In one example of the dock’s appeal, a Network World blog, “Eight Great Videos from Interop,” included one of the ShoreTel booth, with Edward Wright, senior director, Product Management, demonstrating the dock.

    Dave Michels, an expert with Unified Communications Strategies, reflected the reaction to the dock in his report.

    “I guessed then that every major UC vendor would have an iPad dock by the end of the year. I was wrong. It took until today – and the first to deliver is ShoreTel with its new ShoreTel Dock…ShoreTel clearly put a lot of thought into this UC accessory and made some impressive design choices,” Michaels wrote. “It accommodates both iPads and iPhones. The mobile device can be mounted landscape or portrait and easily switched. It is compatible with both ShoreTel premise-based solutions and ShoreTel Sky.”

    ShoreTel Dock has caught on, responding to the BYOD trend of workers seeking to use the devices they know and love at work, by offering them a way to do just that.