ShoreTel EMEA Gives Back to the Community

    Giving back to the community is an important value that’s shared by the ShoreTel family. So earlier this year, the ShoreTel EMEA team decided we wanted to support a charity initiative over a year long period that would contribute to the community.

    We decided that during 2016, the inaugural community project will involve contributing to the Jack Raine Foundation, which is a charity that supports vulnerable children from negative and potentially dangerous influences including crime, drugs and unsafe sex.

    Originally set-up as a community club by former professional boxer Jack Raine, the Jack Raine Foundation offers positive solutions using sport, theatre and music to engage children and make them more aware of situations that could cause them potential harm. The focal point of the charity delivers education, prevention and support projects that protect children from making inexperienced life choices or becoming victims of coerced situations and relationships that can lead to exploitation.

    The initiative was launched at the EMEA Christmas Party by Adrian Hipkiss, VP of ShoreTel EMEA, with fantastic support from our staff who raised £530 during the party. We also set a goal to raise additional funds through monthly payroll.

    Darren Pattie, UKI Sales Director and a key sponsor, said, “the Jack Raine Foundation does great work in difficult conditions and heart-breaking circumstances. I’m very proud to be the primary sponsor for this year’s charity initiative.”

    Lewis Gell from the Jack Raine Foundation expressed his gratitude by saying “we are very thankful to be ShoreTel’s Charity of the Year for 2016 and the funds raised will go towards helping more vulnerable children in our Outreach Program with the local police”.

    This is the first annual community fund raising project that ShoreTel EMEA has been engaged with and this will be part of a continual commitment to supporting a different community charity each year and create a legacy for which we can all be proud.

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