ShoreTel Employees Get Moving for the Global Corporate Challenge

    At ShoreTel, we take the health of our employees seriously, which is why we've encouraged our employees to take part in the 100-day Global Corporate Challenge (#GCC). This program further strengthens ShoreTel’s mantra of creating an employee culture of learning and health, thereby empowering our people to take personal accountability for their lifestyle choices. 

    A total of 434 ShoreTel employees came together to create 62 teams throughout the globe. Teams of seven participants were created, with each person tracking daily activities and steps with their fitness trackers, with the target of logging 10,000 steps per day. Each team teams travels virtually to and learn about more than 100 intriguing locations around the World; our version of The Amazing Race.

    If each ShoreTel participant hits their target, we would achieve 4,340,000 steps and 2,170 miles per day!

    In addition to racing around the World, teams will learn about how proper nutrition and how good sleep habits can have a remarkable impact on their daily lives.

     Throughout this adventure ShoreTel will be competing against an estimated 300,000+ other participants from companies around the world. As you see #TeamShoreTel get into their athletic gear for a lunchtime walk, run or stair climb, please remember to cheer them on as they lead ShoreTel to victory with each step they take!

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