ShoreTel Enterprise IP Market Share in the U.S Grows to Over 8 Percent

    “Our steady double-digit growth over the past three years reflects ShoreTel’s commitment to delivering the most brilliantly simple solutions in the IP telephony market. By offering customers ultimate choice and flexibility in both on-premise and cloud solutions, we continue to grow despite a still-slow economy. With ongoing investments in customer satisfaction programs, our worldwide sales team as well as our partner ecosystem, we expect to see ongoing momentum and long-term growth.”

    - Peter Blackmore, ShoreTel CEO.

    ShoreTel continues to gain market share in the IP telephony market, according to recent data published by Synergy Research Group. In its market share summary report for the second calendar quarter of 2012, Synergy found that ShoreTel had both the highest sequential market share and revenue growth rate for Worldwide Enterprise IP Telephony among all vendors.

    According to Synergy Research data based on revenue, ShoreTel ranks third in Enterprise IP Telephony market share in the U.S., where ShoreTel grew its market share from 7 percent in Q2’11 to 8 percent in Q2’12, resulting in year over year market share growth of almost 13 percent. In contrast, the Synergy report for the same U.S. market shows Avaya experienced a decline in market share of more than 13 percent year over year.

    “Without sacrificing the benefits of advanced UC applications, ShoreTel continues to provide a communications platform that alleviates the complexity and costs typically associated with sophisticated IP communications. Despite the economic challenges that have plagued most other vendors this year, ShoreTel’s strategy of simplicity continues to drive healthy company growth and steady market share gains.”

    Jeremy Duke, founder & chief analyst, Synergy Research Group.


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