ShoreTel Expands Focus on Finance Vertical

    ShoreTel continues to expand its keen business acumen by focusing on key, growing industries. The first to be introduced in October 2013 was the K-12 education sector. And now, after careful consideration and research, the finance sector is the next to be added to ShoreTel’s vertical program. With a formal team in place, we are able to broaden our reach and tighten our focus and understanding of each finance sub-segment’s needs through industry association participation, memberships, and conferences, and through outreach to analysts and media.

    Having a regular cadence of communication with principal contacts will enable us to pinpoint specific requirements, placing ShoreTel in an excellent position to continue delivering products and integration paths that meet the ever-changing needs of our finance customers.

    As of today, ShoreTel has more than 1,100 finance customers including community banks, credit unions, and mortgage brokers. Thanks to our reseller partners who understand our mutual customers’ unique requirements, we are able to provide them with a unified communications and collaboration solution that both increases employee productivity and delivers an exemplary customer experience.

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    For more information on the finance vertical programs, read our press release from today here, or contact me at

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