ShoreTel Gains an Assist in Golden State Warriors Championship Win

    ShoreTel would like to congratulate the Golden State Warriors for winning its first title in forty years. ShoreTel is celebrating this win since the Warriors use our phone system for its front office, contact center and other communication essentials.  

    Whether it be communication between coaches and players, front office staff and team management, and any of the other conversations that transpire, the Golden State Warriors depend on ShoreTel to help them win games and now a championship.   

    The Warriors aren’t alone in using ShoreTel to help them become world champions. The San Francisco Giants rely on ShoreTel for its communication needs. The Giants have continued to pursue technology innovation and ShoreTel has been a key part of that said San Francisco Giants CIO Bill Schlough.

    The fact of the matter is, if you want to be a world champion, your odds increase significantly with ShoreTel as UC provider. Other sports teams that are seeking championships with ShoreTel include the Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Indians, Miami Marlins, Washington Wizards, Buffalo Sabres and more.

    Congratulations to the Warriors for a spectacular championship run!