ShoreTel gives IP phones a new lease of life

    As IP networks continue to evolve, and advanced IP-based communications devices such as softphones and smartphones align more closely with today’s business needs, many IT experts are beginning to wonder what role, if any, the desktop IP phone will play moving forward. In his recent article, Whose Fault is The IP Phone? Eric Krapf candidly raises the question, “What does an IP phone really give you?”

    While mobile phones offer the flexibility of anytime, anywhere communication, and softphones combine performance with application integration, ShoreTel IP Telephones, also easily integrate with unified communications applications, to offer ease of use, high quality calls and improved productivity. In short, the ShoreTel IP Telephone gives organizations the ability to choose the best means of communication for their employees.

    With so many options available, businesses must weigh their users’ needs and workplace environment before selecting their next generation phones. For many businesses, giving every employee a mobile phone is not practical, and PCs with a softphone solution do not always offer the levels of reliability required for many business environments.

    The ShoreTel IP Telephone serves as the go-to communication tool, and offers industry leading reliability, and voice quality—ask anyone who’s ever had poor mobile phone coverage how easy it is to conduct business when every other word drops. And with ShoreTel, users have the freedom to use the communication tool that is most familiar to them and best fits their job, without having to learn a new application, interface or device.

    One final important feature is the overall look and feel of the work phone. As Mr Krapf notes, ShoreTel charged its design team with developing an IP telephone that was not only aesthetically pleasing, but ergonomically adapted to the physical workplace. If features are not intuitive, users will not take the time to learn them, and so the enhanced capabilities that IP phones offer, compared to legacy TDM, may well go underutilized.

    As a result of our painstaking design process, ShoreTel's phones are ergonomic, intuitive and easy to use. Add in comfort, convenience, presence location, integrated applications, reliability and ROI, and ShorePhone IP Telephones just keep on giving.


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