ShoreTel Helps Empower Female Leaders

    For four consecutive years, ShoreTel sponsored women leaders to attend training related to leadership and empowerment. This past March, a group of 20 leaders from ShoreTel attended the Professional BusinessWomen of California conference. The group consisted of women leaders from a wide variety of disciplines including engineering, marketing, finance, human resources, product management and services and operations departments.

    The conference was geared towards helping women in their careers by bringing together “inspiring speakers, interactive learning, and purposeful networking to create powerful experiences that unlock the full potential of women in the workplace.” This year we were honored to hear keynote speeches from U.S. Congresswoman Jackie Speier; Marianne Cooper, a sociologist from Stanford University; Sallie Krawcheck, chairwomen of Ellevate Network; Carolyn Buck Luc, co-founder of the Center for Talent Innovation; Leeza Gibbons, entertainer and winner of The Apprentice; and Leymah Gbowee, a Nobel Peace Laureate. Each keynote addressed how women can uniquely make a difference in their community, workplace and personal lives. Leymah Gbowee particularly inspired the ShoreTel group since her speech related to her work for women’s rights in Liberia.

    In addition to the keynotes, the conference sponsored personal development sessions that trained attendees on personal presence, professional speaking, body language queues, work-life balance tricks and the power of networking.

    At the end of the day, ShoreTel attendees shared their experiences during a company-hosted happy hour. All the ShoreTel women who attended thought the day was inspirational and agreed that taking time away from the office to connect and reflect is invaluable.

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