ShoreTel Helps Financial Customers Profit from Unified Communications

    While cost-reduction remains a priority in the financial services industry, globalization, convergence and consolidation are creating new market shifts – increasing the pressure on financial organizations to stand out from the crowd.

    Increased competition from innovative rivals, expectations of cutting-edge service from customers, and pressure to increase shareholder value, means financial organizations of all sizes now have to do more than simply process transactions faster.

    ShoreTel provides many benefits for customers in the financial industry including:

    • Scalability: The ShoreTel UC system scales seamlessly from 10 to tens of thousands of users, so financial services organizations can easily grow and add more branches and offices.
    • Availability and reliability: The ShoreTel UC system offers more than 99.999 percent availability—a mission-critical feature in a financial transaction environment. Business continuity is ensured with a distributed software architecture incorporating a switch based hardware platform that helps eliminate any single point of failure.
    • Ease of use and management: ShoreTel’s UC solutions are based on a distributed architecture that is ideal for multisite financial branches because it appears and functions as a single, unified system that is easy to manage and use.

    When Washington State Employees Credit Union (WSECU) needed a unified communications system that would really deliver on its initiatives to provide members remote, real-time access to transactions, and to deliver high-tech, high-touch member service, they turned to ShoreTel.

    WSECU sought features and functionality to support the credit union’s mission — “to make members’ lives easier” — and to enable each call to be tracked for a consistent member experience. In addition, WSECU wanted a solution that would support their 19 statewide branches, and more than 180,000 calls a month.

    Deploying the ShoreTel unified communications enabled WSECU to centralize communications and use ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center to establish multiple call centers. The same architecture that makes the ShoreTel system reliable and easy to scale also ensured seamless integration with other applications and systems. Other benefits included overall lower total cost of ownership with the elimination of $100/hour service calls, along with moves, adds, and changes that are managed on ShoreTel Director, saving an estimated 117 staff hours a month.

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