ShoreTel Helps Healthcare Companies Cure Communication Ailments

    Whether you work in a large or small healthcare company, one thing is sure - the patient is your top priority. Therefore you need a unified communications system that supports your patient-first vision. ShoreTel helps hundreds of healthcare organizations around the globe address their communication challenges and improve patient care. Our healthcare customers include Cleveland Clinic, Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital aka KSB Hospital, Benedictine Health Systems, Cornerstone Health care  who after implementing ShoreTel have seen improvements including cost savings, scalability, availability, reliability and ease of use and management.

    Access Homehealth - Organic growth and acquisitions had resulted in Access Homehealth’s multiple and disparate telephony including POTS and hybrid offerings from Panasonic, Samsung and Nortel, that resulted in a “system that never worked.” ShoreTel has enabled Access Homehealth to transform its business eliminating travel costs and downtime by using ShoreTel Conference for internal presentations and training, free calls between branches, and improved nursing care resources.

    USO – USO implemented a ShoreTel UC Solution comprising of ShoreTel Communicator with SoftPhones, ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center, and 140 ShoreTel IP Phones. The ShoreTel solution was implemented across the center’s two main locations, and is part of a highly interoperable configuration that also includes Polycom, and Hewlett Packard. The benefits have included reduced hold times, easier call routing, accurate call tracking and ease of administration.

    Westside Regional CenterAfter installing a new phone solution from a ShoreTel competitor, Westside experienced a myriad of issues with functionality, complexity, and contractual support. Westside ousted its new phone system in favor of a ShoreTel Unified Communications (UC) solution that dramatically simplified operations and improved efficiency with a short learning curve and rich feature set.

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