ShoreTel hosts conference to connect business communication leaders

    Unified communications (UC) and the field of business communications are growing as employees and customers demand outstanding solutions, which is why ShoreTel, a provider of premium UC solutions, small business phone systems, contact center systems and more, is hosting its annual Champion Partner Conference currently under way in Orlando. The conference is intended to unite leaders in business communications to discuss hot topics and share innovative ideas.

    "ShoreTel's Champion Partner Conference is the premier opportunity for our technology partners to collectively showcase hardware, software and service solutions that extend and enhance the capabilities of ShoreTel's brilliantly simple unified communications solution," said Joe Vitalone, vice president of channel management at ShoreTel.


    UC provides businesses with the opportunity to unite their communication platforms, allowing for IP phone systems to connect to CRM software, user interfaces and more. The ability to share voicemails, messages and customer information is just one of the benefits that marketers, sales teams, managers and customer service representatives can enjoy. Enhancement in small business phone systems, particularly the addition of high-quality Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, are generating excitement for experts in the field.


    Conference sponsored by UC experts

    The conference is sponsored by a number of other corporations, including OAISYS, which develops contact center management solutions, and Polycom, an open-standards UC collaboration solutions provider.


    "Both Polycom and ShoreTel are committed to offering our customers the best unified communications and collaboration solutions and experiences to meet their needs," said Ron Myers, senior vice president of Global Channels at Polycom.


    Other sponsors include ScanSource Communications, HP Networking and Ruckus Wireless, to name a few.


    "Our sponsors enjoy increased exposure to ShoreTel's distribution channel, our executive leadership, as well as our sales and marketing teams. All of us are looking forward to learning from each other and identifying new ways to advance our UC-based businesses," said Vitalone.


    ShoreTel and its partners are at the forefront of UC solutions, but other companies are clamoring to compete. A number of other UC providers are working to develop adequate solutions for businesses around the country. As businesses seek to have fully integrated, user-friendly systems that are easy to use, vendors are working hard to develop adequate UC systems.


    Collaboration and communication enhances technology

    Conferences such as this allow for leaders to come together to collaborate and expand technology and marketing initiatives. Discussion and collaboration -- communication -- are essential to improving the technology.


    The ShoreTel Champion Partner Conference runs Nov. 7-9 in Orlando. More than 40 UC partners, including resellers, industry analysts and more, are expected to attend. As UC technologies advance, a competitive market will benefit the capabilities of the software solutions.



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