ShoreTel Innovation Network News Update – April 2013

    The ShoreTel Innovation Network has been busy at work since my last post. So I wanted to provide you with an update on the latest happenings of the Validations that have recently taken place.

    First I’d like to highlight the newest SIP Trunk Carrier solutions to be validated:

    Both Gamma Telecom (UK) and Windstream (US) have been long-time Validated solutions in the Innovation Network program. But, recently we validated each solution in what’s become known as a “native” integration – one without the use of a specific Session Border Controller. While most customers will, and frankly all should, have an SBC protecting their network,  the most recent ShoreTel software release allowed us to meet significant demand for the Innovation Network to Validate SIP Carriers without a pre-determined SBC.

    In the case of Windstream, we validated their Sonus-based network. This represents our fifth validation with Windstream – they are comprised of many different networks, each requiring their own testing, configuration and app notes.

    Validation materials, including our Application Notes for the latest set of testing, as well as previously tested solutions, can be found on their respective IN member pages:

    Spitfire (UK) was Validated for a first time this past quarter, expanding our reach into a key area – the U.K. This test activity was done utilizing the Ingate SIParator.

    You can read more about the configuration within the Application Note here:

    In addition to the above new Validations there were a number of SIP Trunk revalidations that occurred in the past few months with some of our longtime ecosystem members, and TelePacific.

    We also revalidated our solution with Ingate’s latest software release. Ingate remains the sole SBC that ShoreTel resells.



    In non-SIP trunking news over the past few months, a number of other solutions were revalidated with the latest ShoreTel and ecosystem member software releases, including:

    As always, if you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask. We can be reached at

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