ShoreTel Integrates Voicemail Synchronization with Gmail for Business

    For those who no longer want to put up with Exchange for email, ShoreTel is pleased to share that voicemail synchronization with Gmail for Business is now included within ShoreTel release 11.2.

    This new feature allows a ShoreTel user to manage their voicemail capability and provide synchronization between Gmail and the ShoreTel system. This is supported with the Gmail Premiere and Education accounts and works for user mailboxes that are on the server as well as the mailboxes that live on the voice switches managed by ShoreTel Director on their single-image solution.

    “We were pleased when we heard ShoreTel planned to support voicemail synchronization for Gmail for Business. With this new feature we can manage our voicemail capability through Google email. We did the install one evening and by the time the employees came in the next morning everything was working perfectly. We are extremely happy with the simplicity and transparency of ShoreTel.”

    Billy Charlton, Deputy Director for Technology Services,
    San Francisco County Transportation Authority

    With Google integration, users can use their Gmail-based email client to listen to their voice messages and attach voice messages as a .WAV file – enhancing ShoreTel’s already comprehensive, simple and robust Unified Messaging solution.

    The updated version of the ShoreTel award-winning UC software, 11.2, is now available alongside ShoreTel12, a full-featured collaborative UC solution with plug-and-play set-up and simplified management capabilities to streamline and enhance business communications for companies of all sizes, which was announced last week.

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