ShoreTel Introduces the Desk phone for the Mobile Generation…that isn’t a desk phone

    ShoreTelDock_iphone_active call_ipad_v_buddy list w-sessionsShoreTel Dock is the first and only business-grade device that transforms smartphones and tablets into desk phones, fusing the convenience of mobile devices with the power of a unified communications system. Workers can simply drop their device into the dock and get instant access to the comfort and call quality of a business desk phone, while simultaneously charging their device while they work.

    How It Works
    People can finally use smartphones and tablets as their primary business communications device. Imagine a workday made easier and more productive through ShoreTel Mobility and the ShoreTel Dock…

    7 a.m.:
    Wake up the kids for school. Grumble about time zones and early conference calls. Initiate your conference call through ShoreTel Mobility with a single touch for dial in and authentication, while getting ready for work.

    8 a.m.
    Hang up the call – no one was the wiser about your location or bed head. Send recap messages from your iPad because the ShoreTel Mobility application optimizes the screen real estate to deliver a workflow tuned for UC where users can quickly switch between calls and IM conversations with easy drag-and-drop gestures.

    9 a.m.
    Head into the office while using ShoreTel Mobility on the iPhone to dial an overseas manufacturing site to ensure there is enough inventory. Click-to-call from the directory so you don’t have to distract yourself from the road searching for a phone number and save money as Mobility routes the call automatically back through the ShoreTel system for better international rates.

    10 a.m.
    Walk into your cube and drop your laptop into its docking station and your iPhone into the ShoreTel Dock. Use the speakerphone of the Dock to place a call with engineering to review the inventory delivery schedule. Pick up the handset to discuss the challenges with the sale. Your own mobile phone immediately works as part of your office system over the in-office WIFI network. There is zero configuration necessary; simple plug-and-play capability eliminates the need for IT staff to configure and maintain the device.

    11 a.m.
    Check the voicemail that’s been piling up, via your Mobility client on the iPad. Remain worry free about switching between devices – your Mobility profile is active on both your iPhone and iPad. Unlike other vendors that provide a scaled-down, lightweight version of their solution for mobile devices, ShoreTel Mobility is designed to fuse mobile context with UC features in order to enable the full suite of voice, Instant Messaging (IM), presence and Directory capabilities. Having this at your fingertips negates the need to use a mobile device as merely a stopgap.

    12 noon
    Make a break for lunch. Eat worry-free knowing that if colleague or customer needs to get ahold of you, there is a fully charged ShoreTel Mobility enabled smartphone in your pocket.

    1 p.m.
    Slide the iPad into the ShoreTel Dock and call into the afternoon forecast. Open the ShoreTel Collaboration application and view the slides presented by the sales manager on the goals for closing in the quarter.

    2 p.m.
    Pick up sample sales unit for the customer and head over for an in-person meeting. En route, take a phone call from the customer who dialed your office number, which rings your iPhone.

    3 p.m.
    Locate conference room for mid-afternoon meeting. Walk into the call a few minutes late due to back-to-back meetings, and seamlessly dock the mobile device while engaged in an active collaboration session. Immediately review the product specs from the deck directly from the iPad.

    4 p.m.
    Voila! The iPhone is the insta-deskphone for the best-of-both-worlds mobile experience. Remember that despite craziness of work, you’re grateful your company didn’t try to replace the devices you already loved, but instead enabled those same devices with enterprise UC – which works for you when you’re constantly on the go.

    5 p.m.
    Return home. Continue working while feeding family and dogs. Users can take their office extension with them as they dock their mobile at the office and home for an office experience wherever they are, whenever needed. Shoot off a note that you’ve closed another deal. Get ready to do it all again tomorrow.

    Read the full press release here.