ShoreTel Launches New Regional User Groups

    The ShoreTel Power User Group is an international user group run by ShoreTel. ShoreTel Power User Group members receive benefits including free training, opportunities to provide product input and feedback, the ability to promote themselves as thought leaders, and receive early invitations to participate in betas and other programs.  This group currently has more than 600 active members.  Learn more at

    In addition to our virtual corporate user group (ShoreTel Power users) we are now launching materials for customers and partners to launch their own regional user groups. The objectives of ShoreTel regional user groups are to provide a venue for ShoreTel customers to network with their peers, foster a sense of community among users, and to learn about ShoreTel technologies. To help you plan and run successful ShoreTel regional user groups, ShoreTel has developed documents including a Getting Started Guide and a Checklist. Find out more at

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