ShoreTel Makes a Case for UC in the Legal Sector

    The ability to provide flexible, mobile working would benefit businesses in any industry; however, for some sectors the positive impact of the mobile workforce is so significant that adoption becomes less of a curio and more of a no-brainer. ShoreTel’s success in the legal sector confirms that for law firms, the case for mobile working is open and shut.

    In the past eighteen months, in the UK alone ShoreTel has seen significant success working with legal firms such as Wright Hassall, a top-ranked firm of solicitors based in Warwickshire, and Stephens Scown Solicitors, one of the leading law firms in the South West of England. Given the plethora of benefits it represents it is no surprise to see more businesses adopting UC, though for legal companies the evidence for deployment is unusually compelling. For legal firms the requirement for constant availability is extremely pronounced – clients may require urgent support at all times, and it is the responsibility of the practice to be able to provide this. Being found guilty of poor communications is essentially a death sentence for a company’s reputation.

    A law firm’s diverse workforce, from solicitors to debt-collectors, must be contactable at all times if they are to successfully manage client expectations. Whereas previously this could mean long nights chained to a desk or worse, a ringing phone with no one to answer it, UC can ensure these employees are contactable wherever they are and that clients are never left waiting for a verdict on what support can be provided. As employees in the legal sector are not restricted to traditional working hours and are often on the move, this is an invaluable asset.

    ShoreTel’s brilliantly simple solutions are able to address these needs. With VoIP telephony, instant messaging, conferencing, mobility, presence, and collaboration capabilities, our UC offering can be seamlessly integrated into a business environment and help these companies acquit themselves not just professionally, but in a way that offers a much more personalized service to its clients.

    It is rare to find a business that would not be bettered by improved communications and the enablement of a mobile workforce. However, the legal sector stands out - due to its unconventional hours and the demands of its clients – as one in dire need of these capabilities. While the jury may be out on certain industry trends, ShoreTel’s success in the sector emphasizes that UC and mobility are now vying for mass-adoption, with clients likely to reap the benefits.

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