ShoreTel Makes its Mark at HP Discover

    HP recently wrapped up its annual customer and partner event, HP Discover, held in Las Vegas from June 2-4. More than 10,000 attendees learned about new and updated HP technology and heard the latest about the upcoming split of HP into two companies. Effective November 1st, HP will become HP Inc. and HP Enterprise (ShoreTel will be aligned with HP Enterprise).

    ShoreTel had a strong presence at the event, due to our ongoing partnership with HP. We had a branded kiosk that highlighted ShoreTel technology, including our ShoreTel Sky and UCaaS offerings currently available from HP and Ingram Micro, and our long-standing alliance with HP. Many existing ShoreTel customers and partners visited to get an update on the latest from ShoreTel. ShoreTel also had a Discussion Forum Talk on the show floor titled “ShoreTel Sky, delivering advanced UC Cloud Services”. In this talk we highlighted ShoreTel, Sky, our alliance and joint offerings with HP.

    The event featured numerous keynotes, which were a great opportunity to get a glimpse of HP’s future as well as its key focus areas moving into 2016. A large part of HP CEO Meg Whitman’s keynote centered on the message of “transformation” and the four areas HP Enterprise will align around going forward. One of these four areas is transformation to a hybrid infrastructure – which is what ShoreTel has been focusing on for the past year. The other three areas Whitman highlighted were “protecting your digital enterprise”, “enabling Workplace Productivity” and “Empowering the Data Driven Organization”. ShoreTel continues to focus on all these areas in our technology and services.  

    Dominic Orr, the new leader of HP Networking, held a keynote that included his thoughts on the HP purchase of Aruba and “GenMobile and the All Wireless Workplace”. He stated that HP now has a broad portfolio of technology assets, from wireless to wired, to data center to security technology. He stated the task is to aggregate all these technologies and to come out with a unified approach to “attack” the new access network that will serve the "gen mobile workplace".

    The keynotes and other talks at HP Discover can be viewed at:

    Among the multiple announcements HP made at the conference, one of the more interesting was around the HP Helion portfolio, which helps enterprises maximize the benefits of transitioning to a hybrid infrastructure. This again supports what ShoreTel has also been promoting for over a year now.

    The HP Helion Cloud System 9.0 expands support for multiple hypervisors and multiple clouds to provide enterprises and service providers with maximum flexibility. It also integrates HP Helion OpenStack and the HP Helion Development Platform to provide customers an enterprise-grade open source platform for cloud-native application development and infrastructure.

    HP also announced enhancements to HP Helion Managed Cloud Services. These improvements will help organizations manage enterprise workloads in a secure, hosted cloud environment.

    Overall the event was a big success and furthered the exciting and innovative partnership between HP and ShoreTel, especially in regards to hybrid infrastructures. 

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