ShoreTel Mobility 6.1 Now Available

    ShoreTel is pleased to share that ShoreTel Mobility 6.1 is now available.

    Multiple Active Directory (AD) Forest integration

    The latest update adds support for Multiple Active Directory (AD) Forest integration – designed for enterprises that may need to integrate where up to five AD Forests on one ShoreTel Mobility Router.

    One directory is designated as the authenticated AD Forest, with any additional Forests supporting Directory Search functionality only. The system continues to support the configuration of a single Active Directory Forest to be utilized for authentication purposes.

    Reverse Dial
    Reverse Dial is now supported for Android and iPhone devices (in addition to BlackBerry and Nokia).

    In cases where Wi-Fi is unavailable, ShoreTel Mobility controls whether the call is initiated from the mobile device or from the ShoreTel Mobility Router. This feature is also applied in cases where a Wi-Fi to Cellular handover call would be triggered. Normally, outbound calls are dialed from the mobile device. When using Reverse Dial, outbound calls are placed from the ShoreTel Mobility Router to the mobile device. You still dial the number to be called as normal; however, based upon your settings, the system determines how the call is placed.

    Added Support
    In addition, ShoreTel Mobility 6.0 adds support for the following additional mobile devices:

    • BlackBerry 9320 (GSM)
    • Samsung Galaxy Note II

    Mobility customers can download the updated version from the ShoreTel support Site.

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