ShoreTel Mobility 7.1 Generally Available

    ShoreTel is pleased to share that ShoreTel Mobility 7.1 is now available.

    I know what you’re thinking – “Wait, didn’t you tell us about ShoreTel Mobility 7.1 alongside the release of Apple’s iOS 7?”

    Well, partly. The previous update is part of ShoreTel Mobility 7.1, but was targeted solely at iOS users to ensure a seamless transition to a new OS. Now there’s Mobility 7.1 for everyone – expanding feature functionality, enhancing client usability, and making it easier for users to experience the freedom of BYOD with the device of their choice.

    ShoreTel Mobility 7.0 includes the following:

    • Support for iOS 7
      As mentioned in the previous announcement, ShoreTel Mobility 7.1 provides compatibility with iOS 7.0. When an iOS user upgrades to iOS 7, they will also need to upgrade their Mobility Client to version 7.1 and re-provision their device.

      Additionally, with this release of ShoreTel Mobility, iOS 5 will no longer be supported – impacting the Apple first-generation iPad.

    • Location Based Access Numbers for iOS
      ShoreTel Mobility now enables local in-country access numbers for outgoing cellular calls on a roaming Apple device, thus preventing unnecessary expensive international calls. (This feature is already available on Android and BlackBerry devices.)

    • “Call Support” Menu Item
      The ShoreTel Mobility Client now includes “Call Support” on the Help menu. When enabled on the Mobility Router, the Mobility Client allows the user to send logs via email or call a designated Customer Support number.

    • Additional Device Support
      ShoreTel Mobility now supports more than 50 mobile devices, now including:
      For Android 4.2: HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 Active (SGH-I537) AT&T, Samsung Galaxy S4 International (GT-I9505)
      For Apple iOS 7: iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c

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