ShoreTel Mobility 8 Ready for Primetime Viewing

    “The greatest benefit of ShoreTel Mobility is that it enables people to work from anywhere as if they’re sitting in the office. Mobility gives our road warriors, especially those working globally, the freedom to communicate at any time while also reducing our IT costs. With the Virtual Mobility Router, we can now deploy new software in minutes instead of hours. We’re now evaluating the new video capabilities in version 8 and are integrating it with our Lifesize system. That way, people will be able to call into room-based video conferences from their devices from wherever they are.”  - LiquidHub CIO, Paul Harewood

    ShoreTel Mobility 8 continues to optimize how end users communicate for work with the introduction of peer-to-peer video, while also providing enterprises the ability to mix and match hardware-based and virtual appliances for most flexible deployment.

    Mobility 8 iPhone - Video call (black) - icons_screenThe new release empowers everyone with simple, seamless mobile-enabled video conferencing to ensure employees can always stay connected with their colleagues wherever they may be working. Further enhancing simplicity and consistency of all ShoreTel offerings, ShoreTel Mobility 8 fully integrates your desktop Communicator client with the Mobility app.

    In short:

    • No additional licensing, software, or hardware required
    • Mobile-to-mobile on supported mobile devices
    • Mobile-to-desktop Communicator
    • Mobile-to-Multipoint Conference Unit (MCU)
    • Fully integrated and one-click simple
    • Supported codecs H.264/SVC, H.264/AVC

    All iOS and Android devices that support Mobility 8.0 will also support video. And since we knew you’d ask, we’ve been testing Mobility 8 with the upcoming iOS 8 and thus far there are no discernable alterations to your experience.

    We continue to take pride in our ability to offer the ultimate flexibility via ‘mix-and-match’ deployment options across a modular platform architecture, including ShoreTel Mobility solutions deployed on-premises, on ShoreTel appliances or virtualized on customer-provided servers.

    As such, ShoreTel Mobility 8.0 now offers the ultimate deployment flexibility for on-premises customers with the virtualization of the ShoreTel Mobility Router. The Virtual ShoreTel Mobility Router (vSMR) deployment option lowers costs for hardware and IT staff and improves overall TCO for deployments. Customers can leverage existing ShoreTel appliances or deploy ShoreTel Mobility software on VMWare platforms. Communication for everybody!

    And it’s here.

    ShoreTel Mobility 8 is available now worldwide for premises-based customers from qualified ShoreTel reseller partners. View the full press release here.

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