ShoreTel Mobility Keeps Customers on the Move

    ShoreTel continues to see significant adoption of its mobility product with both premise-based and cloud customers.

    Enterprises are undergoing an explosive transition to smartphone adoption for their workforces – a phenomenon known by the acronym BYOD (bring your own device). This phenomenon coincides with how technology in general has transformed the very structured 9 to 5 work tradition, into a 24/7 “always on” workplace paradigm shift and has equipped the enterprise to compete effectively in the global marketplace.

    The ShoreTel Mobility solution gives individuals the freedom to stay connected through the devices they love in a world where the lines between work and life are blurred. The solution enhances employee responsive and productive in a world where work is no longer defined by location.

    “With the right solution for mobile unified communications, businesses can have the best of both worlds. Workers can have the freedom to use personally owned smartphones and tablets to stay productive at work while keeping in touch with home. And the organization can mitigate security risks while reaping the productivity and cost benefits of BYOD.”

    - Pejman Roshan, vice president of product management at ShoreTel.

    ShoreTel Mobility is available for both ShoreTel and ShoreTel Sky customers. Users are able to leverage a single converged device for both business and personal communications, and access deskphone and UC capabilities on their favorite device without having to learn a new interface.

    And companies are taking note:

    “ShoreTel Mobility is fantastic. It offers state-of-the-art technology on an already-familiar platform that we like. Everyone at Current TV is impressed with ShoreTel Mobility and what it can do for us.”

    - Bakari Taylor, Systems Administrator, Current TV

    “Cell reception was very spotty on the property, which is a significant problem for employees and guests trying to conduct business. We wanted the convenience of a fixed mobile convergence technology to optimize transmission of data, voice and video communications. ShoreTel Mobility was the clear leader in the FMC space and met all our criteria.””

    - Adrien Carlyle, IT Manager, White Oaks Conference Resort & Spa

    “It’s all about being able to readily communicate with customers and each other, from any device, from any location, at any time. ShoreTel Mobility gives us that level of versatility and helps us collaborate in the ways that work best for us.”

    - Angelo Fraioli, VP and Controller, AP+M

    “Thanks to ShoreTel Mobility, we have a solution that supports international communications at dramatically reduced costs. The mobility product enables our staff to place calls anywhere, with their favorite device, without incurring pesky roaming or long-distance charges.”

    - Michael Abate, Senior Network Engineer, Guilford Mills

    “The ShoreTel mobility options give our staff freedom, which makes them more productive.”

    - Royice Franklin, Recruiting Director, Abacus Services Corporation.

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