ShoreTel Mobility Webinar–Q & A

    We want to thank everyone who took the time to join us for yesterday’s webinar about ShoreTel Mobility.

    We are happy that so many of you could make it.  Due to the large tunout, there were quite a few excellent questions asked by attendees that we weren’t able to answer in the time allotted.  We’d like to take a few minutes and answer those questions now.


    How do I get it? - If you are a current M5 customer,  just ask your company’s authorized contact to send an email to  We’ll need to know the email addresses and phone numbers of the people who will be using the application.  The support team will make the necessary changes in our system and give you the information you’ll need to download the app from the AppStore.

    If you are not a current customer, please send an email to and one of our representatives will reach out to you right away.

    What is the name of the application in the AppStore? - ShoreTel Roam Anywhere Client

    Is there a free trial? - No.  We are not offering a free trial at this time.

    Do I need to be using the M5 cloud solution, or can I use the Mobility application alone?  Can it be integrated with an enterprise PBX such as Avaya or Nortel? - The cloud-based offering featured in this webinar is available only to M5 phone system users.  However, ShoreTel does offer a premise based solution that can be integrated with other systems.  Pricing and other details are different.  You can learn more here.

    Is there a minimum number of employees that need to have the application installed?  Can I buy it just for myself and pay you separately? - There is no minimum number of users required.  You can certainly have only one.  However, billing is handled through our normal invoicing process and will be part of your company’s monthly invoice.  This is why only authorized users can add the application to your company’s account.

    Is there a commitment term?  For example, can I turn it on for a month while I am out of the country and turn it off when I get back?  - There is no commitment term and you can use it for a month here and a month there.  However, the $20 set up fee will apply each time the application is activated, so it might be more cost effective to keep it.

    Do I still need a desk phone? - No.  You do need to have an M5 phone system profile and pay that monthly fee in addition to the fee for Mobility, but whether you want to have a physical phone on your desk is up to you.

    Supported Devices

    When will the solution be available for Android phones? - This is the most common question that we were asked and we hear you.  We are testing the application for Android now and will get it to you as quickly as possible.  This is a key priority for us.

    What about Windows and Blackberry phones? - After Android, we will consider making the application available on each of these platforms based on user demand.  If these platforms are important to you, please let us know.

    Call Handling and Features

    How many calls can I manage at month with Mobility? - You can handle 2 calls at the same time with the Mobility application.

    Do calls to your office phone automatically route to Mobility, or do you have to give your personal call phone number?  - Once you install ShoreTel Mobility, calls to your M5 office phone number will automatically ring the ShoreTel Mobility application and your desk phone.  You never need to give out your personal cell phone number to your business contacts.

    Can you barge other calls from the Mobility application? - Not yet.  But a manager with barge permissions can  barge a Mobility call from an M5 desk phone.

    Can Mobility be used by Contact Center agents? - Technically, yes using our new Remote Queue feature.  However, there is no way to log in and out of a queue from the Mobility application, so this is probably not the best user experience.  We recommend the M5 Softphone for remote queue members.

    Can you check voicemail from the application?  Is there a voicemail notification? - Yes.  There is a button that will easily let you check your voicemail.  At this time, there is not a voicemail waiting indicator.

    Can an assistant covering multiple lines use Mobility? - Yes.  Calls to either line will ring the Mobility application, but there won’t be an indication of which line is ringing.

    Can you transfer from your desk to the Mobility application? - There is not currently an easy way to do this, but we are working on it.

    Will the app display missed calls? - Yes.

    Do ring groups work on Mobility? - Yes.  They work just like they would with your desk phone.

    Do calls get tracked in the Talk Time reports in the M5 Portal? - Yes.

    I currently us Bria, what is the benefit of moving to ShoreTel Mobility? - Bria, like other softphones for mobile devices, uses WiFi transmission exclusively.  If you are not in an area where WiFi is available, you will not be able to complete or continue calls.  The ShoreTel Mobility solution, however works over both the cellular network and WiFi, so that you can make calls from virtually anywhere.  What’s more, the solution automatically detects the best network and you can move seamlessly from one type of connectivity to the other.  Finally, with the ShoreTel Mobility application, your call records are maintained with the rest of the corporate call data, so you get credit for all of your calls, even those you make from the road.

    Can I turn it off when I don’t want to take business calls? - Yes, you can put the Mobility application into Do Not Disturb mode.

    Will calls made from my personal number show up as call records? - No, only calls placed/received via Mobility will show in the corporate phone records .


    Does the solution ever use my mobile plan minutes? - Yes.  If a strong WiFi signal is not available, the application will connect using your cellular network and those will count against your plan just like you had made the call from your normal dialer.

    What if I am in an area with public WiFi, do I need to accept the Terms & Conditions first? - Yes.  If you have established a connection with the public WiFi through normal means, the application will use it to send and receive calls.  If not, the application will use your cellular network.

    When not using WiFi is the app using the data plan to make calls? - No. When in "Auto" networks selection mode, the application does not use the cellular data connection to make calls. This setting switches between WiFi and Cell networks.

    Do you track the bandwidth of data used? - No.

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