ShoreTel Partner, Polycom, Announces New Brand Identity

    Polycom announced a new brand identity last week.

    My first impression of the new Polycom logo was mixed. It did not exult the “solid” image of the legacy logo. Some argue that you must always trust the first impression. In this case, this is untrue.

    I had an opportunity to see the new branding, a few days later, on the Polycom brand new Headquarters and Customer Experience Center in San Jose. The soft, rounded and overlapping lines and associated to a modern type font are definitely projecting the image of an innovative, software-led company focused on collaboration.

    This softer image is more relevant than ever. Polycom has already demonstrated massive software innovation by releasing a series of RealPresence desktops and mobile interfaces and I am convinced that more innovations will come from the company.

    Exit the old Polycom. Enter the new.

    Congrats on the first major brand transformation in 22 years. We’re looking forward to continuing our technology partnership with the mission of delivering advanced business communications systems based on open standards.

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