ShoreTel Partners Passionate about Customer Experience!

    I am excited to announce our Customer Experience results for the first  half of the partner year (October 2012 through March 2013).

    ShoreTel utilizes Net Promoter Score (NPS), a globally recognized loyalty metric, to measure the customer experience.  Currently, the Partner NPS is 64 and the ShoreTel NPS is 61.  Considering World Class NPS is 50, this is an achievement of which we should all be proud.

    Loyal customers are a company’s most powerful advocates and marketing tool.  Prospective clients trust one source of information above all others: their peers.  This quality cycle drives our brand in the marketplace and aids our growth through referrals to friends and peers.  You cannot buy this kind of marketing!

    Partners who successfully deliver on this promise and create a loyal customer base, consistently perform these best practices: 

    • Performing a quality Network Assessment prior to service implementation
    • Ensuring strong Program Management and Communications throughout the implementation process
    • Providing effective and timely Training for end users, assuring a seamless transition to their ShoreTel solution
    • Giving  Partner Support with tailored offerings to meet customer needs

    We want to thank our partners for their continued support in analyzing customer feedback and creating continuous improvement plans. Your efforts to better understand the correlations and key drivers to customer loyalty are greatly appreciated and are a key differentiator in our joint success.

    Each and every person who has contact with the customer – be it ShoreTel or our partners, all play a critical role in delighting our customers and delivering on our commitment to provide a world class experience.  Thank you for your teamwork and continued focus.

    In closing, ShoreTel is pleased to recognize the following 96 partners who have met or exceeded our Customer Experience Program guidelines.  Partners achieving this honor are listed alphabetically below.  Plaques and congratulatory letters will be delivered by the end of April.  Congratulations!





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