ShoreTel Puts Customer Experience at the Heart of Williams F1 Conference Centre

    The Williams Conference Centre is billed not as a unique event venue that never fails to impress, but rather a complete experience that aims to provide a truly memorable day for all visitors. Whether attending a business meeting or purely for pleasure, visitors have the opportunity to see the Williams Grand Prix Collection, the largest private collection of F1 cars in the world which charts the illustrious history of the popular F1 team. Behind the scenes staff at the Conference Centre are masters at juggling busy days with multiple visits and clients. From a welcoming reception to detailed arrangements for guest refreshments and from assisting with audio/visual set-up to helping guests choose their ideal F1 memorabilia, customer service teams need all the help they can get to cope with conflicting demands while delivering top class customer service.

    Enter ShoreTel and the unified communications solution installed throughout the Williams business, including the F1 team, Williams Advanced Engineering and the Conference Centre. The brilliantly simple ShoreTel unified communications system not only provides an easy to use phone system that integrates voice and data systems through a single interface, but also enables Conference Centre teams can access all that functionality while moving around the facility support visitors. Armed with the new ShoreTel IP 930D mobile handsets, multitasking Conference Centre staff have access to all the systems they would use sitting at a desk, helping them to be “everywhere at once” while delivering seamless service to customer and visitors. The ShoreTel DECT system is a state of the art system that seamlessly adds wireless handsets to any ShoreTel installation.

    Using a dedicated frequency band that is less congested than alternative wireless technology solutions, DECT handsets typically deliver superior voice performance. The IP 930D delivers a comparable feature set and the familiar user interface of a business desk phone such the popular ShoreTel IP 230 while long battery life to enables all day mobility around the Williams Conference Centre. In the Williams Conference Centre environment, Williams marketing manager Chris Murray is enthusiastic about the benefits of ShoreTel unified communications and the IP930D DECT handset in this unique customer service environment, “The ShoreTel solution provides great utility when moving around the conference centre, away from the desk or in a meeting. The use of an external headset through the jack means staff can be setting up an event or moving around the site, but always accessible via phone throughout a long day. In all the ShoreTel IP 930D has resulted in greater communications and accessibility for all staff of the conference centre, improving team work and efficiency.”

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