ShoreTel Rolls Out Latest Enhancements to Enterprise Contact Center While Keeping User Experience Brilliantly Simple

    ShoreTel Contact Center on Tablet

    Over the past few years, ShoreTel’s contact center customer base has grown significantly, and we are now serving more large enterprises than ever before that treat contact center as an integral part of their UC strategy. As the call center continues to undergo major transformations to meet the needs of large enterprises that want to provide a more interactive environment for their customers, ShoreTel has made significant investments in our contact center offering and channel infrastructure to ensure contact center deployments are designed, built and operate effectively.

     Today we are excited to announce the general availability of ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center 8!  Enhancements in the latest release make it easier for enterprises to accommodate today’s multi-device, multi-channel consumer by removing barriers and offering more avenues for communication. Agents can now more effectively handle emails, chats and calls, both inbound and outbound. Customers can also schedule callbacks so they can be contacted at a time that is convenient for them. This new contact center solution offers sophisticated capabilities while keeping the user experience brilliantly simple.

    “Contact center investment will be a strategic focus for many organizations, as they want to empower their employees with tools, not only to provide improved customer experience but also to create an environment that allows them to generate more revenue. Contact centers are undergoing modernization and transformation. Multi-channel/platform solutions, mobile customer care applications, analytics, social media and cloud delivery will be in high demand and vendors that can provide compelling innovative solutions will be in a good position to lead the overall market.”

    - Ryan Tay, research manager, communications, IDC.

    Through features like interaction reports and real-time reporting, ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center release 8 provides greater business insight on the customer experience, thus allowing businesses to continually fine tune customer interactions and provide more responsive service. The end result is both a satisfied customer and a productive business.

    “I would definitely recommend ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center 8 to peers and friends. It keeps with the ShoreTel concept of being Brilliantly Simple with regard to installation, administration and management. The multimedia function enhancements and additions in Chat make the system more flexible and expand the coverage of your agents to your company’s web pages. The ‘cradle-to-grave’ reporting capabilities using Contact Center Interaction Reports allow you to track the complete experience of a caller and the reporting package empowers supervisors and decision makers with enough statistical data to make informed decisions for improved performance.”

    - Roberto Rosado, senior engineer, Vology

    The latest release also provides:

    • Improved chat experience: ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center 8 now supports the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), allowing integration with either enterprise or cloud-based email systems. The latest version also simplifies the agent experience, allowing one-click email replies.
    • Improved email experience: The ability for customers to communicate with contact center agents via the web remains an important channel for enterprises. ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center 8 heightens this capability by adding GMT Timestamps – useful for organizations with users spread across multiple time zones.
    • Management enhancements: Management of the ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center system is now easier as additional software licenses can be updated without having to restart the system – such as when adding agent seats. Additionally, managers can enable event-logging to be “always on,” which ultimately improves troubleshooting techniques.

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