ShoreTel Integration for Mac

    ShoreTel Professional Services is pleased to announce the new ShoreTel Integration for Mac Application.

    This brings sales force automation (SFA), including call-triggered screen pops and click-to-dial features to the Apple Mac platform. It also includes the new ShoreTel Call Reporting Service, which integrates ShoreTel Call Detail Records (CDR) into the database.

    The integration comes bundled with six new ShoreTel Call Reports, and enables creation of rich new Reports and Dashboards. Moreover, the Call Reporting Service provides the capability of playing back call recordings made with the ShoreTel Call Recorder Application directly within Salesforce records accessed via Windows, Mac, or Linux platforms.

    This new application streamlines business operations for Mac users by presenting customer information, call recordings, and entities all in one application interface and making ShoreTel CDR presentable via the comprehensive and ShoreTel reporting.

    Please contact your ShoreTel authorized reseller for more information or for trial versions of these two applications and a chance to experience this capability firsthand.