ShoreTel Salutes its “Made in the U.S.A.” Customers

    With last week’s July 4th fireworks and celebrations a distant memory, ShoreTel is keeping the spirit of America’s birthday alive by saluting its customers who manufacture and assemble products in the United States.

    In today’s competitive, 24/7 marketplace, more U.S. businesses are choosing to manufacture at home, with 500,000 manufacturing jobs created over the past three years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. U.S. manufacturers are reaping the benefits of ShoreTel’s unified communications systems to streamline work processes, enhance customer service and improve employee communications.

    “At Radiant Power Corporation we design and produce power and sensor products for commercial aviation and marine equipment,” said Nathan Traish, IT manager at Radiant. “We originally used a mix of analog phone lines and cell phones and needed a better communications solution. We implemented ShoreTel and have reduced our monthly costs by more than half, while improving communications with customers and employees, and increasing productivity.”

    Here’s what other leading U.S. manufacturers have to say about ShoreTel’s solutions:

    • “Mettler Toledo is a global provider of precision instruments and services. We were struggling with an old phone system and looked at most of the major players. Once we saw the ShoreTel demo we were sold. ShoreTel has met our original objectives and given us so much more. The system is so easy to manage - our receptionist does most of the administration, freeing our IT staff for other tasks. The phones have a rich feature set and are easy to use. The biggest impact we have seen has been the improved customer service using ShoreTel workgroups. Specifically, response time to customers has improved tremendously, management of agents is vastly better, and the advanced reports are providing metrics we use for continuous improvement.” – John Petry, manager of information systems, Mettler Toledo

    • “Geater Machining & Manufacturing provides precision machining, sheet metal and aluminum fabrication for aerospace, defense, communications and tech industries. We had a very outdated phone system which was hard to program and keep updated. When I saw the ShoreTel demo I was blown away by all the features and ease of use and didn’t consider any other competitors.  We have cut our phone maintenance costs in half and love the ease of deployment with each new phone we put in the company.” – Brady Robbins, system administrator, Geater Machining & Manufacturing

    • “Danmer Custom Shutters has been building hardwood and Thermalite shutters to fit any window or door since 1976. With ShoreTel Sky, agents and departments can customize their own phones to what is best for their customers’ experience and department managers can make company-wide modifications from the web portal. The process is completely invisible to the customer and all they experience is a seamless interaction with our company.” – Erik Berg, call center manager, Danmer Custom Shutters

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